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Brake Service and Brake Repair in Nashville

If there is any one system you want to work every single time it’s the brake system!  If the car won’t go that’s a problem. If the car won’t stop that’s a BIG problem!  Some shops may quote an inexpensive price for brakes, an easy thing to do. However with a low-priced brake job using inferior brake pads the time may be not taken to machine the brake rotors and to put the correct finish on them. This is why some brakes squeak and others don’t.

We Do Brake Repair the Right Way

Juttering or pulsating at higher speeds is usually the result of improper machine work when the brake job is incorrectly done. When we change your oil we check your brakes and rotate your tires as part of the job. Maybe we can catch worn out brakes before they get to the “metal to metal” point.

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