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Oil Change Service in Nashville by Red Ball Garage

Of all the simple things that people need to have done to their vehicles this is the one that is skimped on the most. Not that they don’t have it done, they usually do, but they don’t have it done correctly.

What Do You Mean By Done Correctly?

In the first place the people who do the oil change shouldn’t be in a hurry. This is the time that most people’s vehicles get regular attention. This is the time that a well trained mechanic, not some guy that was hired off the street, can use his expertise to look at everything under your car and determine if anything looks like it needs attention. When we change your oil we rotate your tires, this allows us to check your brake system for worn out brake linings or other problems. This is where small problems are kept from getting to be big problems. We also use top quality oil filters, every bit as important as the oil that goes into the engine.

Our Oil Changes Save You Money in the Long Run

We take the time to look at things, it saves you money in the long run. When we do an oil change we always top off the cars fluids, see if the coolant is dirty or old, check the brake fluid and check the air pressure in the tires. These are the things that old time service stations used to do every time you got gas, but they aren’t around anymore to do it, thankfully, Red Ball Garage is.

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